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At my age, weight control is no longer about attempting to diet down to some unattainable model’s measurements. That ship sailed so long ago I suspect it has circumnavigated the globe 10 times or more. Likewise, it would be pointless … Continue reading

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Pristine… Unspoiled… A tropical paradise… Travel writers use these words so often that I had begun to think of them as merely clichés. That is, until I came to Huatulco and gazed out over the pristine bay, where sea turtles … Continue reading

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It’s been a year since my last nursing shift in the ER, yet I still think of myself as a nurse. It seems that being a nurse is a bit like being Catholic. Once a nurse, always a nurse, even … Continue reading

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Sucks To Get Old

It doesn’t really suck to get old.  At least not every day.  Most days I wear my white hair proudly.  After all, it was my choice to stop coloring my hair and let the world see the real me.  At the time, … Continue reading

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